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Semerian Sankori

Founder, Patinaai Osim

Path to Metis: Semerian’s journey began when she first entered the doors of Isara Primary as a doe-eyed curious little Maasai girl, with all the vulnerabilities that came with it. She did not know her journey would continue all the way to Australia 9,000 km away from home when she walked through the gates of Curtin University in Perth Australia. She walked in with the same curiosity as when she first walked into Isara Primary School.

When Semarian Sankori returned home from studying abroad, she was conscious of the many opportunities education had accorded her which peers in her community couldn’t access. Growing up, she had seen many of her female family members’ education cut short due to early marriages. She had seen the potential of many generations of women shrank.

That is why upon her relocation in 2010, she founded Patinaai Osim to advocate and amplify issues affecting children and women. In the eleven years of its existence, she has seen girl’s and women lives changed in her community. It has been nothing short of joy watching every little step that the girls and women have taken.

This has been a journey of fulfillment and growth for her. She believes we are all meant to make the journey smoother for the next generation.

“Each day I still grow, and I seek to bring as many children and women as possible with me. Hard the road maybe, but if we do not make it smoother for the generations after us, then what is our purpose”

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Semerian Sankori
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