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Eric Mungai

Founder And Ceo, Yazua Afrika

Bold Question: How might we support young men to strengthen their leadership and entrepreneurial potential while innovating solutions for their communities?

Path to Metis: Eric’s journey began with his own experiences growing-up in low-income housing in Nairobi and the reality for others in this situation; the lack of options and positive exposure sentencing young men to a life of crime, drugs, and hopelessness. Through active and intentional parenting, his caregiver ensured he was exposed to learning, reading, and interactions that opened his mind to all possibilities.

He went on to volunteer in the National Street Kids rehabilitation program. Through that experience, he began a community mentorship program in partnerships with churches in Bahati center and Evergreen Runda. Realizing that there was very little content and materials on ‘boys programs,’ he began testing and creating content that sought to offer boys hope and a desire to ‘Do More & Be More’. His focus on youth development has seen him work with the African Leadership Academy (ALA) as an educator on their Global Scholars Summer program.

Eric believes that learning spaces have a great impact on the experience of learning and the transformation of young men and that community spaces should bring out the spark, creativity and magic of each individual through an inspiring and creative platform. With a desire to see the life options for young men improve, he has created experiences and programs where minds are molded and stretched to solve real life challenges, drive entrepreneurship, develop leadership skills, and secure dignified lives. The future of the continent lies within the potential of the youth.

More About Eric: LinkedIn

Eric Mungai
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