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Selline Ouma

Sports Coach/ Mentor, "Girls In Sports Arise (G.I.S.A)
Lucky Summer Young Stars Fc"

Bold Question: What if sports advanced girls' freedom and agency?

Pathway to Metis: Selline lives for sport and teaching. Her goal is to give girls equal and viable opportunities for education and sports. Growing up, she wanted to be a sports journalist. Her dad inspired her to be sporty by taking her to various sports arenas. Sports was and still is, a male-dominated industry. She suspected that her dad viewed her as the son he never had. Her dad played football, and this planted a seed in her. 

She loved the thrill football gave her. When she started playing, she realized there were only a few girls. WHERE WERE THE GIRLS? She ventured into Sports Education and now thrives on teaching students the set Ministry guided curriculum, life skills, and everything around sports.

She is working toward better playing surfaces, equal opportunities, and talent for education for girls. She wants to show the world the importance of women in sports. She wants sports to be the avenue for girls to express their INNER voices through OUTER activities. She aims at leveling the ground for girls and awakening their abilities in them. Her sporting talent helped shape my educational and professional journey. Her dream is for talented young girls to mould a future by expressing their talents.

The Girls In Sports Arise uses football, swimming and dance as a tool to express the girls’  talents and abilities so that they will take care of them in return. We want to rid sports of gender biases.

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