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Edna Semiti

Founder, Zinduakaria

Bold Question: What if all students graduated from high school with employability skills, meaningful work experience, career management skills, and access to matching apprenticeships?

Path to Metis: In her work as a HR professional, Edna has seen a lot of young talented people with great potential lose their jobs because they lacked proper soft skills. Within her own community, she has seen the teenagers lose aspirations due to poor support, guidance, or information about what is possible and available.

She founded ZinduaKaria to provide work readiness training and development to school-going children aged 9 to19 and young adults under 35.

ZinduaKaria conducts training programs that empower young people to gain the appropriate skills that help them become exceptional career managers for their future, with a special focus on ensuring that they acquire industry-recognized employability skills, meaningful work experience, and connections to employment in high skills jobs.

Edna strongly believes that when young people are empowered with employability skills, career management skills, and support with access to employers, they become financially independent at an early age and therefore reduce prolonged joblessness and financial dependence.

She believes it is time to connect young people to jobs of the future.

“My focus is on preparing them for entry into high skills jobs.”

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Edna Semiti
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