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Kaimuri Karauki

Founder, Learning Differently

Bold Question: What if caregivers were empowered with positive parenting skills to support their children’s learning?

Path to Metis: Despite being well educated, Kaimuri found trouble keeping a job for too long. After hopping from one job to another, ranging from advertising to church planting, Kaimuri realized that dyslexia and ADHD diagnosis she had gotten at the beginning of her college life may have been affecting her. 

After taking time to soul search and understand the psychosocial effects both conditions had in adulthood, Kaimuri finally found answers to her shacky career path and some of the decisions she made in her relationships. But even more shocking to her was the social-economic impact that learning disabilities have had on the country and the rest of the world.  

Kaimuri started ‘Learning Differently Limited’ to provide interventions to learning disabilities through educating teachers and caregivers on learning disabilities. They also provide resources that allow teachers to prepare inclusive classes and provide a revision and learning platform for children with learning disabilities.

She has a bold ambition to reach 243 million people living with learning disabilities across the continent and the globe. Kaimuri hopes her actions will create awareness about the psychosocial and economic effects of learning disabilities and ADHD in adulthood that have contributed to increased frustration and the poverty cycle. 

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Kaimuri Karauki
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