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Joan Kinyanjui

Project Manager, Miti Alliance

Bold Question: What if our indigenous knowledge helped learners protect nature?

Pathway to Metis: Joan is a highly dedicated Environmental Educator serving at Miti Alliance as the Project Coordinator. She trains students on matters regarding the environment and their role in mitigating the effects of climate change. As a self-proclaimed tree hugger, she is passionate about trees and nature. Joan mentors and fosters positive mindsets in learners towards the environment, protecting biodiversity and preserving indigenous knowledge of our natural resources for future generations. At Miti Alliance, Joan works with the team that engages school-going children across Kenya to learn about caring for and restoring our biodiversity sustainably!  

The team realized that while we are planting trees, the trees are not being cared for to grow, survive or thrive despite the efforts to green Kenya. This realization has resulted in adding an educational aspect to their programs. We offer training for learners and communities to increase the survival of our trees and connect the relationship between trees and the benefits of biodiversity.

Joan believes equipping children with these environmental skills and knowledge will go a long way in greening Kenya.

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