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Pauline Juma

Executive Director / Communication and Resource Mobiliser, Rebirth of a Queen

Bold Question: What if survivors of sexual violence created and owned spaces for their sustainable empowerment?

Pathway to Metis: Authenticity is a language Pauline has had to grow with as a survivor of sexual and domestic violence. She has accepted that she can learn, unlearn and relearn each day with every opportunity life presents. Her journey of healing from the trauma has led her to pursue empowerment and purpose for herself and others. 

Pauline grew up in an environment that silenced her. Education was the tool for her to fantasize about a life beyond trauma. She received a  scholarship to study journalism, where she began sharing her voice boldly!  

Her experiences and observations of the violations committed against women and girls led to the creation of the Rebirth of a Queen. Rebirth of a Queen is a community-based organization that champions the rights of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence through healing, empowerment, education, and storytelling.  She believes healing starts with owning our story and exercising agency for ourselves and others.

Her dream is to set up a training institute that will raise girls and young women who have survived trauma to become professionals who will change the narrative of policy-making, and laws, to create a trauma-free society.

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