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PRESS RELEASE - ReimaginED 2021

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Leading Education Fellowship holds Inaugural Education Exhibition and Awards Gathering

The World Bank reports that on average, the African Learner is 3 grades behind their peers in the global scope. Even with the increased use and advancement of technology, many schools in Kenya still deliver learning using the traditional methods. Numerous social and economic have also caused a great divide in how education is accessed and delivered. Issues of child abuse and labour are still rife in our classrooms and the social-economic effects of Covid 19 have caused many children to drop out of school.

Kenya’s leading Education fellowship Metis, organized ReimaginED as a way of addressing the plight in the education sector while showcasing some of the solutions and innovations that the Metis fellows have been creating in their various circles of impact and interest around the education space.

Metis Executive Director Rebecca Crook, challenged the attendees to be change-makers that will address the various injustices in the current state of education.

“ReimaginED and Metis as a whole will help you find tools, resources and approaches that inspire you, people with whom you can collaborate and conspire with as you build this world and that you find most importantly, a community that helps you to sustain the energy and motivation that you need to do right by our kids.”

Metis equips, connects, and amplifies education leaders developing localized innovations for a world where all learners thrive. Through our Fellowship, we support leaders to start and scale learning models that demonstrably improve holistic student outcomes. By 2025, we will support 300 Fellows to create schools, programs, and technology enabling 1 million Kenyan youth to develop 21st-century skills. Through our ConnectED virtual platform and annual ReimaginED learning summit, we will enable over 5,000 leaders, entrepreneurs, and funders to continuously learn, collaborate, and act collectively.

The inaugural ReimaginED event saw over 30 changemakers showcasing their various works and impact in gender, disability, mental health and family and community outreach.

The culmination of the colourful gathering was a plenary and award session. Panellists representing various stakeholders in Kenyan education discussed issues affecting the sector and drew a picture of what reimaginED education should look like. Founder and CEO of Fun Homes and Fun Kids Africa challenged the attendees to broaden their perspectives of education and what it means to the children and the country during these changing times.

“We need to stop labeling skills that can be grown into profitable industries as technical skills. Children need to know that all the diverse skills can grow into profitable and scalable businesses that should be pursued.”

Extemporary Metis Fellows were awarded in the following categories:

Collaboration: Sheilah Lutta (MoE),Maria Omare (The Action Foundation), Eric Nyamwaro (STEM Impact Centre)

Community-led Impact: Jeremiah Kutanya, Pastoralists Integrated Concerns

Systems shaping: Ruth Mugambi (MoE)

Equity Warrior: Wawira, Food4Education

Liberatory Learning: Dr. Utheri Kanayo, Children in Freedom School

For more information contact

Kuka Njeru

0724 377568

Olive Mbuthia (Right) and Ruth Mugambi (left) both Deputy Directors for Pre-Primary, Primary & Secondary education respectively at the Kenya Institute of curriculum Development with Metis ED: Rebecca Ume Crook (centre)

Virgile Bahujimihigo (right) of the Segal Family Fund presenting the Community-led impact award to

Jeremiah Kutanya (left), of Pastoralists Integrated Concerns.

Naftaly Muroki, Programs and partnerships manager at Metis presents Equity warrior award to Wawira, founder- Food for education

The panel at #ReimaginEDKenya: Blinky Bill, Ruth Mugambi, Ciiru Waithaka, Pamela Awuor.

Moderated by Mwihaki Muraguri of Paukwa

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