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Grace Maureen

Director of Learning & Impact

I live a life of significance and impact. I am guided by the three pillars: Purpose, Passion and People. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and education; and believe that they hold the power to unlock untapped potential and create profound change in individuals and communities alike. By nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and fostering access to quality education, we can create a ripple effect that creates meaningful social and economic progress. The collective drive to harness the power of entrepreneurship and education at Metis Collective deeply resonates with my passion.

Throughout my career, I have been deeply involved in designing relevant and impactful learning experiences for learners and leveraging technology. Moreover,I recognise the pivotal role that data plays in the learning landscape. By using data, we gain valuable insights into learner behavior, preferences, and performance. I enjoy telling stories using data. Prior to joining Metis, I worked at African Management Institute, DPO Group and Yusudi Limited.

When it is not exploring professional endeavors, I like to sing, read books and watch documentaries on history, psychological science, space and deep-sea research. Here's a fun fact about the solar system: Have you ever heard of the Great Filter? It's a fascinating concept that suggests there might be a cosmic obstacle that hinders the development of intelligent civilisations beyond a certain point.

Grace Maureen
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