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Jackline Burudi

Assistant Regional Manager,I Choose Life Africa

Bold Question: What if caregivers were empowered with positive parenting skills to support their children’s learning?

Path to Metis: Having worked with children, schools, communities, and parents in marginalized parts of the country, Jackline has seen how inadequate caregiver involvement disadvantages children from experiencing holistic learning. Despite already being disadvantaged, these students have to compete for the same opportunities with peers with full caregiver support. Her dream is to fill this gap.

At I Chose Life, Jackline designs activities that promote parent participation in school. This includes training on parenting skills, community dialogues, teacher coaching, and mentorship for teachers. The teachers pass on these skills to the students who then practice these values and skills during class, school clubs, and in other extra-curricular activities.

Jackline hopes that designing well-structured and functional engagement systems in schools will help children have meaningful and joyful learning.

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Jackline Burudi
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