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ReimaginED 2022

Where education practitioners, policy makers, caregivers and funders connect with contextualized innovations and with each other to advance a world where all learners thrive. 

Friday, 9th December 2022



What is ReimaginED?

ReimaginED is an annual education innovation summit that showcases contextualized solutions with a demonstrable impact on holistic student learning outcomes. Attendees learn from evidenced-backed models, explore current challenges in the Kenyan education system, and forge partnerships to advance solutions.

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Since 2021, ReimaginED has brought together over 800 participants to:


We highlight and amplify local leaders and evidence-based innovations


We connect local leaders to partners to accelerate their impact

Collectively Learn & Act

to advance competency-based learning for all students

 ReimaginED 2022 theme

Accelerating Competency Based Learning



The current reality of learning in Kenya

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Innovations in education



Our collective opportunities for improving education for all of Kenya’s youth

ReimaginED is for:

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Teachers and caregivers


Policy makers




Why ReimaginED?

At ReimaginED, you will:

  • Explore challenges in the Kenyan education system.

  • Experience what a reimagined education could look like for all children.

  • Dive deeply with “Collective Conversations”.

  • Network and learn from 30+ innovations from grassroots organizations to government agencies.

  • Connect with leaders from essential government agencies in education including KICD and the Ministry of Education.

  • Engage with students from across the country.

  • Be inspired and connected to pioneering educators, funders, and families.

About ReimaginED

There are two options for participation: 

  1. Full Day Option where you will attend both the morning session and afternoon sessions. This will run from 9am to 5pm

2. Half Day Option where you will attend only the afternoon session running from 1pm to 5pm


Morning Session (9am to 12noon): 

Are you a teacher? Funder? Policy maker? Educationist? We will be having Collective Conversations facilitated by exceptional practitioners in the field and will cover these key topics areas:

Collective Conversations Part 1 (You will choose to attend any one of these):

  • CBC (Competency Based Curriculum)

  • Climate Action

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • The Metis Way Curriculum

Collective Conversations Part 2 (You will choose to attend any one of these):

  • CBC & Caregiver engagement

  • Teacher led innovations, 

  • Skills for employability 

  • Technology

Afternoon Session (1pm to 5pm): 

Are you a parent? learner?  are you passionate about education? There will be an amazing  showcase of 30 Kenyan innovators who are changing the face of education in Kenya, thereafter you will have the opportunity to listen to the diverse perspectives of young Kenyan learners on education. We will also have an award giving ceremony where nominated innovators will receive awards for their work and  impact.

VENUE: Nairobi National Museum located at Museum Hill

Date: Friday, 9th December 2022

Full day access: KES 1,500 (Includes lunch and afternoon bitings)

Half day access: KES 1,000 (Includes afternoon bitings)

*Ticket price includes museum pass for future use.


"ReimaginED is what is needed today. This conference has exposed me to so many things. We imagine in education that we are alone but I've seen many people reimagining education and supporting children so that the quality improves. If we come together as Kenyans and give our children the education they require, we can achieve a ReimaginED education for our children because it's not about us, it's about them. Thank you Metis for bringing us together and the chances to network and collaborate. "

-Ruth Mugambi, Ministry of Education

“The people who came were really awesome. The mix of funders and practitioners was excellent! As TAF, we were able to connect with people who are interested in the work that we’re doing. It was really beneficial for The Action Foundation. Plus, the venue was awesome, the people were cool. It was a really nice vibe. I am really looking forward to next year already! My bar for going for events is really high—I’m a busy introvert— but I am earnestly looking forward to participating next year!”

-Maria Omare, Founder of the Action Foundation


Reflections from ReimaginED 2021

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