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Take a sneak peek at the first three days of Metis Fellows’ six month journey!

On Friday, May 10th, the second cohort of Metis Fellows started their Metis journey with a weekend retreat in Thika, Kenya. The theme of the weekend was connect. Over the three days, they grew their connection to themselves, to others, to the education challenges their work addresses, and to a sense of possibility.

Over the next 6 months, Fellows will design, test, and iterate innovations in education. They now have the most important thing for their success: community.

Over the course of the fellowship, our leaders will design, test, and iterate education initiatives that ensure Nairobi youth from cradle to career access high-quality learning opportunities. The Metis Fellowship provides them with the curriculum, coaching, connections, and community they’ll need to succeed. This short film documents the kick-off retreat. Watch the magic of the #MetisMovement!

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