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Kerera Brian

Storytelling and Communications Officer

Hey, I am Kerera.

Everyone loves a good story, right? Any day, anywhere, we tell stories, whether they make us happy or sad. Stories should be told.

Growing up, my late mother narrated stories to my sister and me. I used to look forward to bedtime stories; it was a moment to learn something new and valuable from the characters in the stories.

Long story short, I used to tell the same stories to my classmates back in my primary school before the class teacher came in for the first morning lesson.

This habit of telling stories continued even when I was in high school, where I was nicknamed 'Passy Mastory'—but that's a story for another day.

So why Metis, you ask? I believe that through storytelling, we can connect, solidify shared understanding, and communicate the importance of transforming education for all learners to thrive.

When I'm not writing or brainstorming new stories, I'm usually busy hiking, go-karting, reading a book, watching Formula 1, or working on DIY projects.

So, what's your story? 

Kerera Brian
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