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Betty Gatahi

Executive Director

Hi, I’m Betty!

I find purpose in empowering others to innovate,build, and expand their impact. After studying education in university, I’ve worked with organizations in the public and private sectors, including Enablis, Deloitte, Kenyatta University, and Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) to unleash the potential of leaders.

I hold a deep passion for education because I firmly believe it shapes every facet

of life, from leadership and culture to politics and economics. For Kenya and our

continent to thrive, young people need an education that doesn’t just help them

pass exams, but to thrive in the workplace and in life. Throughout my career, I’ve

seen we still have work to do to make this a reality. This, coupled with my role as

a parent supporting my children's education, has fuelled my commitment to

enhancing learning outcomes for all Kenyan youth.

In joining Metis as Executive Director, I am excited at contributing to a

community of leaders shaping Kenya’s education for the future through a shared

vision to transform education through local innovation and leadership.

Apart from my professional pursuits, I also have a keen interest in health and

wellness. I've undertaken projects related to medical billing, pursued a hobby in

organic skincare, and immersed myself in nature through walking.

Betty Gatahi
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