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Carl Kwendo

Content Director, M-Shule

Bold Idea: Build an adaptive learning platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide individualized lessons and feedback based on a learner’s competency level. Through SMS and a web platform, insights are delivered to the learner’s parents, teachers, and headteacher, which creates a way for the whole community to support the learner’s growth.

Path to Metis: Carl’s experiences have equipped him with a deep understanding of Kenyan schools' challenges, particularly low-cost private schools. He was raised in Western Kenya, where his aunts and uncles worked for the Ministry of Education which inspired him to enter a career in education. He has over nine years of experience leading schools and facilitating teacher training, including serving as a class teacher at St. Hannah’s Preparatory, a Head Teacher at Goodrich Schools, and a School Management Coach at Mukuru Slums Development Project.

Carl is committed to supporting more children to learn through digital platforms, by equipping schools with stronger tools, leadership, and financial management. At M-Shule, Carl leads the company’s development, analysis, and execution of all content and assessments. Currently in the seed stage after completing a pilot, the company will grow to reach millions of learners across Africa over the next decade.

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Twitter: @CarlKwendo

Carl Kwendo
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